Brand Expression

All units must support the university brand campaign with their communications. Below are the basic guidelines for using the brand expression.

  • The brand expression — “Est. 1890” — must appear on all communications in its designed font treatment. This includes but is not limited to advertising, posters, banners, brochures, flyers, websites, emails, direct marketing and invitations.
  • “Est. 1890” can only appear in UNT green (PMS 356), black or white.
  • For printed items, “Est. 1890” must be clearly visible and is required on the front of single-page items and can be on the back of multiple-page items.
  • “Est. 1890” must be placed in proximity — next to or across from — the UNT lettermark.
  • “Est. 1890” must be used on all communications and is required on the front.
  • The “Est. 1890” art elements must not be altered from their original forms.
  • The brand theme line must not be altered from its original form. It may not be recreated, redesigned or reproduced in another font.
  • For promotional items, “Est. 1890” is preferred but not required.

Branded templates that use the marks and the brand campaign elements are available for your use.