Theme Art and Banner Art

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Formats and sizes

All university marks are available in multiple formats such as Adobe Illustratorâ„¢ EPS and PNG. Review the requirements about sizing here. See the chart below to help you select the file type. Select the format type by using your right-click on your mouse and choose "Save Link As..." to save the file to your computer.

File Type Color mode Characteristics Use/Applications
EPS CMYK Vector, high resolutions, no background All uses but especially for print jobs that require high resolution; Adobe suite
PNG RGB Vector, low resolution, no background Web, Microsoft applications
SVG RGB Vector, high resolution, no background Web, Microsoft applications
JPG Because PNGs are both the preferable file type and universally accepted across digital applications, we recommend using PNGs in lieu of JPGs. However, if you require a JPG file, please see these instructions for how to convert.

NOTE: The UNT marks must always appear in UNT green or on UNT green. The only exception to this rule is one-color executions in which they may appear in black or white

The brand theme art

All units must support the university brand campaign with their communications. The theme art and theme line are required on all communications. The brand theme art is available as a layered EPS, one color and TIFF. You may choose to use only certain layers, but the rays and circles are primary elements, with the rays the minimum requirement. Please review our guidelines prior to using the artwork.

Theme art and theme line solutions

These are high-resolution solutions for print jobs for the university’s marks, the brand campaign theme line and the theme art. These can be resized and adjusted, as you need.

Banner Art solutions

The branded banner is provided as an option, but not required. Other versions of the UNT lettermark without the banner are also available. The branded banner art (banner with UNT lettermark) should be positioned along the top edge of the layout and can be placed at the right, left or middle to best compliment the layout.