Brand Policy

The University of North Texas System and the University of North Texas are the owners of all of their trademarks, service marks, trade names, slogans, graphic images and photography and they may not be used without permission.

In addition, all uses of university marks must comply with the brand policy.

Publications of the following organizations are not subject to the university's policy:

  • Federation of North Texas Area Universities
  • North Texas Community College Consortium
  • North Texas Research Institute
  • Professional Development Institute
  • Student Organizations (not required to use, but when using UNT marks each use must be approved)
  • Universities Center at Dallas
  • UNT Alumni Association
  • UNT Foundation
  • UNT Press

Creating a brand through communications for a public institution cannot be done without policies, standards and oversight. If we are to achieve our goals, we must publicly define our brand policy, establish standards for the care of our marks and follow an approval process to ensure consistency. In addition, when we conduct business with outside entities we must ensure both our needs are met.

Learn more about UNT’s trademarks and licensing for wholesale and retail vendors.

Learn more about UNT’s co-branding requirements for using the university’s name and marks with the name and marks of non-UNT entities.