Brand Positioning & Strategy

UNT’s brand position describes what makes us unique and relevant to our audiences. Our brand position is our most important strategic asset for consistently communicating our UNT brand. We cannot brand our university effectively without a clear brand position. To determine our position, we asked not only “who are we” but also “how are we different from our peers?”

The following is our unique brand position. It is not for use as a theme line (tagline) or with our external audiences, but rather it is intended to help you — our community members — understand how to create the most effective communication materials possible to help support our brand.

UNT’s positioning statement

UNT is the best choice for the most promising students, because more than any other public university in Texas, UNT embraces the individual and encourages an inventive spirit that creates knowledge and growth. Through its world-class academic programs, UNT is a catalyst for success.

UNT’s brand positioning defined

UNT is a bold university dedicated to serving each individual student and our surrounding communities.

UNT proudly stands as a catalyst for the success of others. Through the power of teaching, scholarship and research, UNT provides the tools to lead our students and communities to greatness.

  • We are friendly, caring and here to help.
  • We are a courageous community dedicated to shaping the future through new knowledge.
  • We are committed to protecting and improving our environment and the communities we serve.
  • We are a proud family, passionate about accepting each of our members for who they are, and we champion what they want to achieve.

How UNT differentiates itself

UNT will differentiate itself in the marketplace by showcasing our commitment to nurturing the uniqueness of every individual student. UNT is a university dedicated to challenging those individuals to find and achieve their greatness. UNT will be daring in capturing the diverse and independent spirit of our talented, focused student body, faculty and staff.

  • UNT students are bright, studious, energetic, committed individuals with a spirit all their own.
  • UNT students come from every walk of life with a vast array of experiences. They all are dedicated to achieving the greatness they each define for themselves.
  • At UNT, we are committed to helping our students grow as independent, critical thinkers.
  • UNT alumni are bold individuals who are more than capable and willing to lead the way as they courageously define their own great future and shape the futures of their communities.
  • UNT faculty members are dedicated, cutting-edge scholars creating and sharing knowledge while supporting and academically challenging students.
  • UNT staff members are passionate, hardworking professionals committed to the success of every student.
  • UNT’s partners are determined to take on the challenges of today’s world and make a difference in creating solutions for our communities.