Electronic Marketing via Email, Social Media & the Web

Campaign emails and digital advertising also represent our brand and should align to our brand story and visual identity guidelines.


Emails sent from a department

Email templates have been created for some UNT departments and units. Use the email template that has been provided for you when sending out emails representing your unit or department. The email templates have been aligned to work with our existing brand principles.


Digital advertising

There are many different forms of online advertising. Each has its own format that makes it effective.

Banner or display advertising

  • Ad should be created using the university colors and brand fonts.
  • The “University of North Texas” wordmark and lettermark must both be used since the market might not be familiar with the name UNT.

Search engine advertising

  • Ad copy should use the full university name.
  • Links should direct audience to specific website contents as appropriate for the audience (not the unit home page).

Facebook advertising

  • Ad images should use university brand colors as an element.
  • Copy should include the full university name unless we are advertising to current students or alums, in which case UNT can be used.