Using the UNT Fact Site

What is the UNT Fact Site? How can I use It?

The UNT Fact Site is a web-based resource to help faculty and staff across the university create accurate content for materials about UNT. This can include brochures, newsletters, and letters from a dean or other officials for advertising, videos and websites as well as any other communication. In the site, you will find:

  • Facts and figures that are approved and vetted for use
  • Preferred language for showcasing UNT through brag points and longer narratives

All information in the UNT Fact Site has been approved by UNT’s Data Analytics, and Institutional Research (DAIR) and the Division of University Brand Strategy and Communications (UBSC).

How to use the UNT Fact Site

To use the Fact Site, go to and log in with your EUID and password. Currently, only authorized individuals can access the website. If you do not have access, but would like to request access, please contact

Once you have access and have logged in, you will find several fact categories on the homepage. You may click on the categories to find the information you are looking for, or you may search the site by using the “Search Facts” box.

Additionally, each page of the Fact Site has a “Hot Facts” listing on the right side of the page that displays key numbers and facts at a glance for the category you are viewing.

If you know of a particular fact or brag point that supports UNT's brand and is not included on the Fact Site, please submit the information in an email for possible inclusion. The types of information that will be considered for the site include:

  • Accomplishments and rankings
  • Information about new programs and organizations
  • Other data or facts that would be beneficial to other content creators on campus

Be sure to include the source for your fact submission, such as the organization or publication that has named a particular ranking, and the time period for when you believe the fact to be current. Once the fact submission has been verified and approved by IR&E and UBSC, you will be notified.

If you have any questions about the site or to request access, please visit