Our primary color is UNT green, specifically Pantone 356*, for print on coated paper. For uncoated paper use Pantone 355 or the CMYK mix shown below. For online use, the UNT hex color is #00853E. Our secondary colors are black, white and the green shades used in our theme art, PMS 354 and PMS 362.

In our communications, the color we use is primarily our UNT green. However, we proudly own ‘green’ in general by using the full spectrum of green in our work. Any additional colors you use must complement our green and be subordinate to our brand colors. An accent palette is available to enhance our communications and complement our green.

Avoid using colors that might create confusion with other regional and state university school colors. For example:

  • Burnt orange and white (UT Austin)
  • Maroon and white (Texas A&M)
  • Red and black (Texas Tech)
  • Blue and orange (UTA)
  • Purple and white (TCU)
  • Red, white and blue (SMU)

When the UNT green is used, it must be PMS 356* or the following four-color process (CMYK) equivalent:

  • CMYK Coated:
    100 percent cyan
    0 percent magenta
    100 percent yellow
    33 percent black
  • CMYK Uncoated:
    98 percent cyan
    0 percent magenta
    95 percent yellow
    22 percent black
  • Hex color for UNT green:
  • HSL color model for UNT green:
    Hue 93
    Sat 224
    Lume 70
  • RGB color model for UNT green:
    Red 0
    Green 123
    Blue 60

UNT Official Colors

UNT Green

  • PMS: 356C
    HEX: #00853E
    CMYK: 100,0,100,33
    RGB: 0,123,60


    CMYK: 0,0,0,0
    RGB: 255,255,255


  • HEX: #000000
    CMYK: 0,0,0,100
    RGB: 0,0,0

Secondary Colors

Secondary Color 1

  • PMS: 354C
    HEX: #00A950
    CMYK: 100,0,100,0
    RGB: 0,169,80

Secondary Color 2

  • PMS: 362C
    HEX: #509E2F
    CMYK: 70,0,100,9
    RGB: 80,158,47

Bold Accents

Bold Accent 1

  • PMS:382C
    HEX: #C4D600
    CMYK: 29,0,100,0
    RGB: 196,214,0

Bold Accent 2

  • PMS: 2995C
    HEX: #00A9E0
    CMYK: 85,3,0,0
    RGB: 0,169,224

Bold Accent 3

  • PMS: 253C
    HEX: #AD1AAC
    CMYK: 40,95,0,0
    RGB: 173,26,172

Bold Accent 4

  • PMS: Cool Gray 11
    HEX: #53565A
    CMYK: 63,52,44,33
    RGB: 83,86,90

Bold Accent 5

  • PMS: 1915C
    HEX: #EF4B81
    CMYK: 0,84,43,0
    RGB: 239,75,129

Bold Accent 6

  • PMS: 342C
    HEX: #006747
    CMYK: 100,0,100,55
    RGB: 0,103,71

Soft Accents

Soft Accent 1

  • PMS: 566C
    HEX: #B9DCD2
    CMYK: 25,0,14,0

Soft Accent 2

  • PMS: 176C
    HEX: #FFB1BB
    CMYK: 0,33,15,0
    RGB: 255,177,187

*PANTONE® is the property of Pantone Inc. The colors shown on this page and throughout this guide have not been evaluated by Pantone Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE® Color Standards. For accurate standards, refer to current PANTONE publications.