Key Visual Requirements

What are the key visual requirements?

  • The UNT lettermark logo is our primary brand symbol.
    • The UNT lettermark must appear as the most prominent logo on the front of every communication (print and electronic) and specialty item (giveaways, cups, bottles, shirts, pens, etc.) with sufficient clear space. Clear space requires that any graphics, copy and the edge of the design must not infringe on the UNT marks.
    • Divisions, colleges, schools, departments, centers and institutes must use their UNT logo lockup (secondary mark) in place of the UNT mark.
    • No other logos may appear, except those from outside entities in cases of co-branding. This means the name of any part of UNT cannot be designed into a logo or integrated into the UNT marks.
  • Our primary brand color is UNT green, Pantone 356, for print or UNT hex color #00853E for web.
    • UNT green and white play a major role in establishing the UNT brand identity. These colors must be used in all communications.
    • The UNT lettermark and wordmark must appear in UNT green, on UNT green (or the closest approximation) or with the brand campaign theme art. Exceptions to this rule are below:
      • One color executions in which the marks must appear in black or white.
      • Executions where the UNT lettermark is used as a graphic or design element. Any such execution must also include an unaltered UNT lettermark on the front of the piece and UBSC must approve all communications prior to use via our standard approval process.
  • University of North Texas must clearly connect to UNT in some way to clarify the meaning of UNT, especially for external audiences. This would include clearly making the connection in the copy (first sentence) or by using the UNT wordmark.

When designing any communications for UNT, you always must first consider the placement of our brand elements to ensure you are meeting brand requirements and supporting our campaign effectively.

Some templates that solve the placement and use of all brand elements are available by asking Printing and Distribution Solutions.