Photography is a key element to defining our brand. Decisions about the use of photography in communication — including what’s in the image, how it’s cropped and where it’s placed — must be strategic and reinforce the message hierarchy.

Our photography focuses on the moments of engagement with our students when knowledge is shared, when experiences change, when connections are made between individuals, and when UNT is making an impact and lighting the way. In fact, our images should show the “moment of greatness.”

To do these things, select images that show:

  • Faculty and staff as friendly, approachable, available and helpful
  • UNT as a vibrant campus that embraces individuality and diversity
  • UNT as a green campus, embracing sustainable practices
  • UNT’s faculty, programs and resources as first-rate
  • UNT’s academic challenge that prepares students for success
  • UNT as a “real” and “full” college experience (not a community college)
  • UNT as part of Denton and an overall great location in the North Texas region

All communications should show a student that UNT is:

  • Dedicated to their success
  • Like home
  • Full of opportunities
  • Diverse and includes students like them
  • Full of mentors and friends

A library of photos and additional guidelines about photography is available online.