University Brand Strategy and Communications (UBSC) is responsible for ensuring the correct use and integrity of the UNT logo, seal and secondary logos on all university publications, promotional items and equipment, whether produced by the university or an outside agency. To ensure projects reflect the UNT brand consistently, please review the UNT Marks (Logos) section of our brand guidelines to learn how the UNT logo and other secondary logos may be used to positively represent UNT in a cohesive manner.

UNT does not permit the use of our name or graphics in any announcement, advertisement, publication or report if such use in any way implies UNT’s endorsement of any product or service.

The use of the UNT signature, seal or other secondary mark for commercial purposes requires permission or licensure from UNT Trademarks and Licensing.

When we collaborate with other entities

University entities may operate in conjunction with external entities such as businesses, nonprofits or agencies of the federal government. Entities that have gained approval from a college dean or university vice president to partner or collaborate with UNT may be granted use of the external entity’s logo in conjunction with the university logo. UBSC will guide UNT’s representative through the process of having an external entity use UNT marks.

Co-branding usage guidelines

  • Those groups that meet requirements and have received UBSC approval may only use approved co-branded logos.
  • Approved co-branded logos may be used for marketing, communications and promotional purposes. In some cases, use may extend to official university stationery.
  • In all other aspects, UNT logos used with co-brand logos must follow our guidelines.
  • In cases where UNT is the lead partner, size UNT as the dominant/ larger logo than the partner and use our brand theme line and theme art.
  • In cases where UNT is an equal partner, size our logo equal to a partner logo. Use of the brand campaign elements is optional.

Co-branding eligibility requirements

If your unit has a co-branding relationship and seeks to use outside entity logos on your communications, you must meet these requirements:

  • Unit must have a contractual connection establishing them as a joint entity between the university and an outside entity or be an official university institute.
  • Unit must detail why the inclusion or utilization of a custom logo or mark will benefit their business objectives more than using the standard UNT identity system.
  • Unit must receive a recommendation from its director.
  • UBSC must approve co-branding and will provide guidance on execution.
  • UBSC must approve all communications prior to use via our standard approval process.

For any questions or elements not covered here, please contact UBSC at 940-565-4958 or by email.