Create Our Look

UNT’s unique personality is reflected through our visual identity. The choices we make about how we design and what images, fonts and colors we use define our brand as much as the words we select and the stories we tell.

The following are the key elements to visually capturing the UNT brand identity.

  • Our designs are friendly, confident and engaging with a hint of the unexpected to honor the uniqueness of each individual who UNT serves. Be sure to allow resting space, providing a visual pause so the communication may be absorbed.
  • We embrace a bold and confident use of UNT green supported by the complete spectrum of green and our accent color palette.
  • We present our message with purpose. We clearly showcase our message by using typefaces that show conviction. And we embrace scale to establish hierarchy within a communication.
  • Our images celebrate our impact. We use emotional photos that capture the moments when knowledge is shared, when experiences cause change, individuals connect and greatness grows.