Web, Email & Social Media

Web and digital standards

Web and other digital products are aligned with our brand and are subject to the university's identity guidelines. The web, email and social media rely on UNT’s mark, messaging, typography and design standards to align all of the products that UNT produces so that all formats feel related, intentional and part of a greater whole.

Designing the brand experience

Digital brand standards often require different solutions because of technology and the lack of control when displaying electronic content. Our audiences can choose the screen size, device or client used to view the information. To assure a positive experience for any visitor, we have to use best practices, templates and guidelines to create a good fit regardless of how the content is being accessed.

Digital products also add an additional factor that can impact the brand experience. While great content is the best predictor of audience satisfaction with a website or service, the experience that visitors have visiting a site or performing a task on the site also impacts how satisfied the audience is with our university. Great experiences have to be planned. Traditionally, the easiest sites to use have had the most planning to make the experience positive. An experience that does not match the visitor’s needs or experiences will damage audience perceptions. This is especially critical for younger audiences who have grown up with easy-to-use technology.