Signs & Banners

Visual signage standards

The university has established visual signage standards to ensure that the representation of the university's brand via signage enhances UNT's institutional image.

As part of the university's Construction Projects Policy 8.4, the university has developed design guidelines that establish a comprehensive, coordinated system of campus signage that ensures safety, provides direction, and provides information about campus departments and events. Signs are a significant representation of the university's brand. Defined herein are graphic design standards for the university's signage program.

The design and construction of all permanent signage must be facilitated by the director of facilities management and construction in UNT Facilities in conjunction with the director of graphic brand management in University Brand Strategy and Communications.

To request a new sign, fill out the online Project Initiation Worksheet (PIW) and submit it to UNT Facilities via email. For more information go to their website or contact them at 940-565-2751.

Brand standards for permanent signage

For buildings, parking and directions

The basic elements of the sign standard are the UNT mark(s), university colors and standard UNT fonts. It is vital that these primary elements are used consistently across the campus. The diving eagle spirit mark is used on some layouts but not required for all. The preferred mark for signage is the UNT lettermark, though due to design considerations the wordmark may be substituted.

Sign Family

The core signage family design is illustrated above. Along with the UNT mark, the green bar (PMS 356), black bar, white space and use of Adobe Jensen and Helvetica Neue fonts are all requirements. The standard color for all posts is black. Only parking has an exception for color use for signs identifying parking lots.

There may be design considerations in which the UNT mark will not work. For example, in cases where the sign orientation is more horizontal than vertical, the university wordmark may be used.

Official UNT mark(s) for public commons

The UNT marks represent every unit of the university and every location. Only UNT marks may be used in the public commons. The public commons area is defined as the common space of the campus or the public spaces in mixed use buildings in the exterior or interior. No other design element may be used in the public commons.

Building signs

The hierarchy of the communication for each building sign first will identify UNT, second the location name and then the address of the location. Again, use of UNT's primary colors, the UNT lettermark and required fonts reinforce the UNT brand. It is imperative that the address of each building is indicated on the signs as local emergency services rely on these addresses to accurately locate UNT facilities.

Building Post Sign

Building post sign

Use of UNT colors visually identifies the campus.

Exterior Building Wall Sign

exterior wall sign

Directional signs

Consistent design and use of UNT colors are illustrated here in additional directional signage that helps direct traffic across the campus. Interior directional signs follow the same style.

Interior directional

Interior directional sign

Exterior directional

exterior directional sign

Note color and logo use reinforces the brand.

Standard banner design

Standard Banner Design


Temporary banners in the union courtyard or union exterior advertise special events and programs. Banners must use UNT colors, fonts and the UNT lettermark. Banners for student activities, Greek programs or honor societies may include colors and fonts associated with that organization. Printing and Distribution Solutions can assist you with the production of these banners. Please see the UNT banner policy for more information on specifications, purpose and banner locations.

Semi-permanent banners used in public common areas or intended to be hung on buildings must be approved in advance by UNT Facilities in conjunction with the director of graphic brand management in UBSC.

Donor recognition signage

On occasion, UNT may recognize the contributions that others have made to the university with a customized donor recognition sign. For the public common areas, the sign must follow the guidelines outlined herein. Due to the variety of donations, the application of the brand guidelines may be adapted to ensure the signage fits into the environment of the donated facility, artwork or other environmental addition. All recognition must follow the UNT Naming Policy 19.6.

Depending upon the type of naming or recognition desired, the approval of the UNT System Board of Regents or the UNT president also may be needed. The policy covers all types of naming opportunities including buildings, areas within buildings, grounds and streets. Please consult the UNT Naming Policy and Division of Advancement for further details. UNT Facilities must approve and oversee the construction of naming signage.

Temporary signage

For temporary signage related to events on campus or other purposes, please first consult with Printing and Distribution Solutions. PDS understands the university's brand guidelines and will ensure your design follows these guidelines and accomplishes your objectives.

University seal

The university seal is reserved for the highest official communication of the university. The seal is a mark of guarantee and is reserved for the most solemn and serious purposes of the institution.

The director of graphic brand management regulates the use of the UNT seal and must issue permission for its use in signage or on campus monuments.

For additional help

If the information contained in these guidelines does not answer your question, contact Helen Bailey, director of facilities management and construction, at 940-369-7886 or by email. For questions regarding the brand standards please contact Lora Connaughton at 940-565-3405 or by email.