Marks (Logo Lockups) for Academic & Administrative Units

Logo lockups for administrative divisions, colleges and schools

Each administrative unit and college or school has a unique UNT logo lockup for use in its communications. The lockups combine our proprietary UNT mark, a one-color version of our new brand theme art and the name of the entity. This lockup stands as the sole logo on a communication from the unit. Other logos for university units are not approved for publications, advertising, web, other communications, or externally licensed merchandise and apparel.

The logo lockup leverages the university’s primary mark in a way that visually demonstrates the relationship between the two entities and ensures consistent representation of UNT across all university communications.

The lockup is to be used just as UNT alone would be used.

  • It must be used in accordance with our guidelines.
  • It is primarily for marketing purposes and does not replace our standard stationery layouts.
  • The minimum size requirement for lockups must have UNT at 1 ¼” wide.

A lockup for each college, school, and administrative division is available.

For promotional items:

  • Pre-existing college or department logos cannot be used in promotional items.
  • If pre-existing logos have design elements, those elements can be used in the design but not locked up with the unit’s name.
  • If space does not allow, the lockup is not required.
  • In lieu of the lockup, the name of the college or department can be written in one of our standard fonts OR another font to match the theme of the item (Western for example on a fun T-shirt). In this case, the UNT logo is required in addition to the name of the college.

Centers, institutes, departments and unit lockups

There also is a lockup that combines departments and units with their college/school/division and UNT. Centers and institutes also have UNT logo lockups. Departments must use their official name. A department or unit may choose to use its unique lockup or the parent-entity-only lockup on its communications.

Find lockups for academic departments.

Find lockups for centers, institutes, organizations and administrative units.