Established in 1890, the University of North Texas is one of the nation's largest public universities. We inspire our students through knowledge and opportunity. We transform the region and the state through research and education. We are a catalyst for discovery and innovation. We fuel creativity and progress for the North Texas region and the state.

The key to growing our reputation is consistency. That’s why our new UNT Identity Guide gives you the tools and direction you need to help build an even greater UNT.

This guide outlines the communication standards that will strengthen our brand through consistent visual and narrative expression. It was created to help you understand how to use the elements that make up the University of North Texas brand identity system:

Lettermark, wordmark and associated lockups

Key messages and supporting facts

Color, photography, videography and design

Create our look

How to use our logos, marks, colors, fonts, photography & design

Build your project

Specific requirements & best practices for web, social media, print & advertising