UNT's Promise, Covenant & Core Values

UNT’s Promise

The University of North Texas' ultimate responsibility is to provide students with the best education possible so they may achieve their goals, succeed at the highest levels and improve their communities, the state of Texas, the nation and the world.

UNT promises to offer students a challenging, rigorous, high-quality education and provide a supportive environment to help them successfully learn and grow.

UNT promises to contribute to the greater good through scholarship, research, creative endeavors and public service.

UNT's Covenant

  • As students:
    • We will pursue academic and personal excellence and uphold academic and personal integrity while taking responsibility for our education.
    • We will aspire to do our best and to work hard to fulfill obligations, overcome challenges and meet expectations.
    • We will be committed to the success of UNT just as UNT is committed to our success.
  • As faculty and staff members:
    • We will be responsive and accountable to students, to one another and to the communities we serve.
    • We will be committed to helping students succeed and moving the university forward.
    • We will carry out our work at the highest level, always aiming for excellence.
  • As a university community:
    • We will conduct ourselves in a respectful, courteous manner and treat people fairly and equitably.
    • We will be engaged in the university culture and stand together with pride in UNT.
    • We will contribute to the greater good of the institution and society.

UNT's Core Values

  • Access: UNT will keep access and opportunity a central focus in fulfilling our mission as a public university.
  • Accountability: UNT employees will be good stewards of the public's trust and funding.
  • Collaboration: UNT students, faculty and staff will be driven by collaboration, working in partnership with each other and our communities to create, leverage and disseminate knowledge.
  • Diversity: UNT will promote a culture of diversity, respect and dignity that values individuals and people's differences.
  • Engagement: UNT will engage our communities through mutually beneficial partnerships and by supporting their economic and cultural well-being.
  • Excellence: UNT will be a national leader in public higher education.
  • Sustainability: UNT will be a leader in environmental sustainability, pledging to follow and promote green standards in our operations and practices.
  • Service: UNT will promote the economic and cultural development of the North Texas region, the state of Texas and the nation by providing a highly educated, highly skilled workforce of critical thinkers and fostering a wellspring of knowledge, ideas and solutions.