Why Have Narrative and Visual Communication Standards?

UNT is a large, diverse and complex institution that serves individuals and entire communities, as well as corporations and organizations, and everything in between. One of UNT’s most important characteristics is supporting student success by embracing individuality. So it’s natural to assume that UNT’s image would be just as varied. However, for UNT to achieve greater recognition as a top-quality university, each person who experiences UNT should have the same impression of our institution’s commitment to service and greatness. A consistent, positive impression will support a strong overall image of UNT to ultimately increase awareness about us among our many, varied audiences.

To ensure our communications portray a consistent image of UNT, the university has adopted standards to guide both the visual and narrative expression of our brand. Through consistent use of these guidelines, UNT will achieve greater recognition in the marketplace.

All communications from our university, whether originating from a division, college or school, are reflections of the University of North Texas. The choices you make when you select words, colors, photos and graphics all have the potential to reinforce our desired reputation. Using the key messages with the official marks, typefaces, colors and graphics in a consistent manner will help build the UNT brand.

  • Example: Think of the Target bullseye or the Apple logo. Whether you see the name and artwork together or separately, you instantly recognize the brand and you know what it stands for. They've clearly defined themselves, and they've done it powerfully with consistent use of words and visuals.

When you follow the requirements and recommendations in this guide, you will help reinforce the UNT brand, illustrating our core values and key traits as defined by our students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as our external stakeholders.