Freelancers, Rentals & Royalty-Free Music

Video freelancers

Casey Barteau and Chris Bryan
Tel: 210-410-7872, Tel: 214-704-2459 
Email Casey
Email Chris 

Alexis Flores
Tel: 214-985-6577

David Hamilton
Tel: 972-415-7832

Jeffrey Haessler (video voice over/narration, editing only)
Tel: 720-331-2382

Bob Hess (editing only)
Tel: 816-868-5049

Andy LaViolette
Mr. Magic Carpet Ride Productions
Tel: 214-629-5384

Foster Naylor
Tel: 817-454-8510

Andrew Redd
Tel: 972-935-2206

Dale Scheihagen / Owen Benatar
U Edit Video
Tel: 972-690-3348
1002 N. Central Expwy, Ste. 689
Richardson, Texas 75080

German Torres
Tel: 817-986-9783


Rental houses

MPS Studios
Tel: 214-630-1655
141 Regal Row
Dallas, Texas 75247

MLD Video
Tel: 214-654-9977
2626 Brenner Drive
Dallas, Texas 75220

Tel: 972-931-3880
17819 Davenport Rd.
Suite 125
Dallas, Texas 75252

Preferred vendor (no rentals)

Royalty-free music

Before you use any music in a video, it’s important to consider the source. Filmmakers at various levels of expertise frequently use copyrighted music in their projects, disregarding any potential legal repercussions. But when shooting video for the university, you cannot do that.

Below is a list of royalty-free music resources. Each one works differently, so it’s important to consider how your video will be used. You may be able to pay a one-time fee for unlimited usage (i.e., Digital Juice), or you may have the option to pay less for limited use (i.e., FreePlay Music). Also, be sure to find out whether the music provider requires a credit at the end of videos that feature its work.

  • Digital Juice has a product called Music Box that consists of several musical styles, tempos, themes, etc. Every song can be broken down into individual instruments, which allows you to remix songs however you wish, including removing certain instruments.
  • FreePlay Music has a very wide selection and it's very well organized. You can search by mood, style, instrumentation and more. You can buy licenses with usage restrictions (pay-per-use) or time restrictions (i.e. unlimited use for six months).
  • Royalty Free Music has a good selection and it allows you to purchase tracks individually. You can pay through subscription or order CD collections.
  • Free Music Archive
  • Musopen