Adding Tags

After you have started uploading your video to YouTube, you will be required to add tags.

Tags are keywords used by YouTube and its subscribers to search for and locate videos by subject matter.

When you hit “upload” on YouTube, a window will appear beneath the upload progress bar labeled “tags.”

Tags are very important and are required by YouTube. Enter all of keywords you think will help YouTube users find your video. Use lower case for tagging and put quotation marks around multiple-word tags.

For example, if your production covers the fashion design program at UNT, good tags would include:

  • “fashion design”
  • fashion
  • “university of north texas”
  • “college of visual arts and design”
  • “fashion design department”
  • education
  • unt
  • “higher education”
  • “texas”

And any other words that seem applicable. Use words that are commonly used for searching.